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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

4 whom health matters!!

Nature has several things to offer to us to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Only we have chosen to ignore nature and preferred junk food. The result is that we have become prone to diseases and disorders. Here are some things available to you that serve as the natural remedies for several disorders.

1 Pineapple is a natural painkiller

2 Pomegranate juice could prevent a heart attack

3 Onions are natural antibiotics

4 Mushrooms can ward off colds

5 Blueberries can boost memory

8 Eat chocolate, live longer

9 Grapefruit juice can stop medicine working If you're taking medication

10 Tea or coffee with meals absorption of certain nutrients.

11 Cherries can cure gout

12 Eating curry could help prevent Alzheimer's

13 Sniffing a lemon could help you beat asthma

14 Kiwi fruit can improve your eyesight

15 Garlic can cure mouth ulcers and verrucas .

16 Too little or too much salt. Not getting enough salt can trigger low blood pressure.

17 Figs can delay brittle bone disease

18 Soya can have a similar effect to anti-cancer drug Tamoxifen.

19 Barbecued-food can cause cancer

20 Cinnamon can help diabetics

21 Chillies can help ease blocked noses and sinuses.

22 Watermelon is good for the prostate

23 Coriander can lower your cholesterol levels

24 Nibbling nuts can prevent blood clots

25 Banish bad breath with natural yoghurt

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