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Thursday, 29 November 2012

10 things you should never say in a job interview..

  Appearing for an interview? Must be confused as to what the interviewer will ask? How to form that positive first impression? For sure, you would not want to ruin your opportunity with an ill-chosen comment.

It's better to choose your words carefully during an interview, unlike many job seekers, who do not think before they speak. Corinne Mills, managing director of Personal Career Management, says she can recall many instances of interviewees saying the inappropriate things. "I remember when one man was asked why he wanted the job, he replied, 'Because my mum thought it was a good idea'," she says.

She also tells what some other job seekers said when asked why they wanted the job "because it will pay the rent while I look for a job I really want to do", and a common response to a question about what candidates like to do in their spare time is "go to the pub".

Here, we bring you 10 things you should never say to your interviewer. Else, there are chances you lose out on your dream job -

1. Never come late for the interview and cover up by saying "Sorry I'm late". To be on time is the thumb rule. Your interviewer will perceive you as a latecomer and would certainly not want you to arrive for work 20 minutes late every morning.

2. Never ask about the company's annual leave and sickness policy during the interview. This will show that even before you have been hired, you are planning your leaves. This will make you look insincere.

3. Never take personal calls during the interview. This is to ensure that the interviewer doesn't get the idea that you are unable to prioritize things.

4 When asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" never say, "Doing your job." Though this could possibly be a genuine answer, you should always focus on the experience you would like to have gained, or level of responsibility you would like to have in the future.

5. Never badmouth your last employer or job, no matter how worse your experience might have been. Experts say "speaking badly of a previous employer is not only unprofessional, but also reflects on your character," Your new employer will contact your former employer for background check following an interview, so it's never wise to burn your bridges.

6. "Oh! I did not know you manufacture gadgets; I thought you made swimming costumes". Experts say "Failing to research your prospective employer fully is a big faux pas." Make sure you do not turn employer off by not knowing about his company and products.

7. Never resort to profanity during interview even if the interviewer himself does that. Remain professional at all times.

8. Avoid using jargons during the interview, like "I was very good at sorting out PEBs by using ARCs." Experts say "Don't fall into the industry jargon of your previous employer or assume the interviewer knows anything about your experience. Instead, speak clearly about your skills and experience to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

9. Don't show your reluctance to shift timings, uniform or any other such norm. Any criticism will be considered rude and will make interviewer reconsider you for the job. If it's a rule it has to be followed by all including you.

10. When asked, "What do you expect to enjoy most about this role?" never reply with any of the following: the perks, the pay, lunchtimes, my co-workers or the holidays, experts say.

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